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15 “Go Nuts” reasons to use Nuts in your daily diet

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Happilo Mixed Dry Fruits and Nuts

Mixed Dry Fruits and Nuts

A recent study shows that those who consumed nuts and dry fruits five or more times per week were found to experience a 29% reduction in death from heart related diseases; an 11% reduction in death from stroke; a 23% reduction in death from any kind of infection; a 24% reduction in death from diseases related to breathing; a 29% reduction in death from kidney disease; and an 11% reduction in death from various cancers.

In a well known study, Even though people were already on a heart-healthy, predominantly vegetarian diet, those who consumed nuts at least five times a week had a 48% lower risk of death from coronary heart disease and a 51% lower risk of a nonfatal heart attack compared to those who consumed nuts less than once weekly.

 Here are 15 reasons why you should include them frequently in your diet.

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7 Best Reasons To Eat Chia Seeds

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Black Chia Seeds

Black Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the best health seeds available on earth. A handful of Chia seeds are sufficient to cover daily requirements of nutrients for human and there is no reason for not eating Chia seeds. There are many variety of Chia seeds available in market which are more or less the same in nutritional content irrespective of their color (Black/Grey/White). Though there are multiple other reasons, 7 best reasons for eating Chia Seeds are –

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Dried Plums / Prunes – Your health Companion

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Happilo Premium Californian Pitted Prunes

Happilo Premium Californian Pitted Prunes

Dried plum fruits are called dried plums or prunes.Prunes are primarily famous for being a laxative because they are rich in fiber. It’s this same vital component that makes them perfect for healthy eating and keeping your hunger to a minimum.

Though relatively high in calories for their size, prunes have a reputation as a dieter’s friend. They add a powerful dose of fiber and some nutrients to your diet that are needed when you follow a lower-calorie meal plan. Read More