Happilo Premium International Trial Mix 200g

Happilo Premium International Trial Mix 200g


Ingredient: Almonds, Black raisins, Cashews, Dried Cranberriery, Dried Diced Kiwi, Dried Mango chunks, Dried diced Papaya & Smarties

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If you are looking for a high energy snack which tastes great, then Happilo Trail Mix is perfect for you. A combination of dried fruits, nuts, smarties makes this a true delight and a perfect gift for your loved ones. High in nutrients and healthyness, the mix will certainly keep your mouth shut till you finish eating. Time to be happy, lovely & healthy.

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Weight Watcher
  • High Antioxidants, Dietary Fibre, No Gluten, High Protein, Zero Transfat, Zero Cholesterol
  • 100% Real dried fruit – good for an active lifestyle
  • Low in fat, calories & low in sodium, Ideal for weight watchers
  • Hearts best friend, Improves cardiovascular system
  • Improves digestion, immunity, mental Health, stop urinary tract infections

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